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Cornilleau Origin Outdoor Dining Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau Origin Outdoor Dining Table Tennis Table

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Combining ping and experience, game and elegance, this is the bet of this new table, every detail of which has been finely studied to offer a unique rendering. Noble materials, an iconic design, a level of finish that borders on excellence: let yourself be charmed by a table that makes the link between the world of furniture and that of ping.

Its singular and pure allure makes it iconic. Designed to embellish the places that host it, the lifestyle ping table blends beautifully with different types of exteriors. Sober and elegant, it fits perfectly as a decorative element, satisfying lovers of beautiful games as much as those of beauty, quite simply.

Because the pleasure of the eyes must be imperishable just like that of sharing good times while playing ping, this new table benefits from a robust design based on materials with proven resistance. The solid laminate tops, the steel structure covered with epoxy paint, or the stainless steel screws give the outdoor lifestyle ping table its ultra-durable character.

Noble wood par excellence, moabi is resistant to all types of weather conditions. Its matte appearance and uniform grain give the legs of the outdoor lifestyle table a unique look, reinforced by the anti-UV treatment they have undergone in order to retain their appearance over time.

Want to start a game on a whim? No need to look for balls and racquets, you will always have them at hand thanks to the storage provided for this purpose and ideally located. Discreet and accessible without bending down, it can accommodate two rackets and six balls.

Not all gardens have perfectly even ground, yet your ping table should have a flat playing surface. With its articulated and height-adjustable feet, the legs of the outdoor lifestyle ping table allow it to adapt to all types of floors. You can install it wherever you want without the quality of play suffering. Non-slip, they contribute to the stability of the table.

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