Choosing Your Table Tennis Table

It isn’t always easy to make a choice, given the variety of tables available. But it’s actually easier than you think. To guarantee you make the right choice, follow our short guide. Here, asking yourself the right questions is key. 


1. What Kind of Player are You?

There is a table to suit every kind of use. Broadly speaking, there are three categories - i) recreational use, ii) table tennis in a competitive setting, and iii) n public places such as parks, camp sites etc. We’ve put together a few guidelines to help you choose a table for recreational use, which is by far the most common type. If that’s not what you’re looking for, please check out our competition tables here and our tables for group use here.


2. Do you plan to play indoors, outdoors, or both?

Our indoor and outdoor tables correspond to a different design philosophy. The big difference between them is the material used for the playing surface. Indoor tables have a chipboard table top while outdoor tables are made of ore laminate, also called HPL (High Pressure Laminate).

Indoor tables are not built to withstand impacts or poor weather conditions, so they must not be used outdoors, unless you go to great lengths to protect them. Outdoor tables are much more resilient and can be used either indoors or outdoors. They are recommended for indoor use too, especially if you think they might have to withstand a few knocks and bumps over the years.

Here's a quick video of how indoor and outdoor tables differ:

Indoor table tennis tables have a chipboard top:

  • Better rebound
  • Good quality/price ratio¬†
  • Do not¬†withstand sun, humidity¬†and outdoor conditions


Outdoor table tennis tables have a resin laminate top :

  • Can stay outside all year round (resistant to rain, frost, snow and sun)¬†
  • Are much more resistant than indoor tables
    (especially to racket blows and impacts)
  • 90% of private households choose outdoor table tennis tables



3. What Criteria do You Use?

Table tennis is a sport anyone can have a go at. When it comes to choosing the right table, there are many types of players. That said, Cornilleau tables researched and made in France all share a set of core characteristics for best-in-class play - i) Playing experience, ii) Durability, iii) Safety, and iv) Ergonomics 

1. Playing Experience

What marks the best playing experience are high rebound quality and spin response.

Cornilleau outdoor tables not only have a core laminate playing surface with thicknesses of up to 8mm, providing a rebound quality comparable to that of a competition table, but also a sturdy frame that allows the surface to remain perfectly flat over time.

To make sure players aren't affected by the sun’s rays, all Cornilleau tables come with anti-glare coating too.

2. Durability

Given their volume and cost, table tennis tables are not intended to be replaced frequently. Which is why all our outdoor tables have a 10-year guarantee as standard - we often receive messages from owners referring to models they’ve had for much longer than that!

And by guaranteeing the availability of replacement parts for at least 20 years, we do our bit to help you keep your table tennis table for as long as possible.

3. Safety

Adhering to European safety standards, Cornilleau made the decision to go way above the standard requirements. Most Cornilleau table tennis tables have 16 locking points rather than the 8 points required by the standard, which prevents it from crashing down.

Tables are also equipped with protective corners on the table edges.

4. Stability and Maneuverability

Table tennis tables need to be perfectly stable while at play and during storage. Cornilleau tables come with secure brakes that helps a table stay put - but that's not the only feature - it's thicker legs makes it less likely to move.

And for movement, outdoor tables have oversize double wheels that offer unrivaled maneuverability, while some models like the 600X and 700X have an easy track handle that helps you lift them up steps and over other small obstacles.

  • Anti-glare Coating

    Cornilleau only manufactures tables that have anti-glare coating so you can play in the sunshine. SOFTMAT coating offers 3 times less glare from the sun, while the MATTOP provides 10 times less glare from the sun and improved transmission of spin.

  • Safety System

    Entry level tables have the Push'n Lock system with 8 locking points.  Tables higher up the range employ our DSI system, currently the highest safety system on the market with 16 locking points. 

    Patented "Compact Technology" system ensures promises safety, movement and space-saving, while the central handle allows for easy opening and closing.

  • Oversized Wheels

    The extra large diameter (200 mm), wide (32/38mm) ultra-robust wheels offers easy movement over uneven surfaces (steps, gravel etc.) and offer greater load-bearing capacity.

    Flexibility: Our engineers have taken very special care to ensure the wheel bracket links the two wheels at the very spot where there are the greatest mechanical stresses.

  • Frame

    The frame provides the flatness and rigidity of the panel.

    • The thicker the frame, the flatter the playing surface (from 30 to¬†60mm).
    • All our table tennis tables are manufactured¬†with aluzinc metal¬†frames, an anti-corrosive alloy for better durability.
  • Playing Surface Material

    Quality materials adapted to your needs:

    • Outdoor tables: Uses 5 to 9mm thick resin laminate¬†tops that are anti-corrosion, weather-proof, and extremely resistant to racket blows.
    • Indoor tables: Use Chipboard tops that ensure good quality rebound and price ratio. The tops range in thickness from 19 to 25mm.
  • Sturdy Legs

    Legs provide the table's stability so a large diameter provides better stability. Added to that, larger feet will not sink into the ground.